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Sylvestermouse Avatar from Indigo Janson

This site’s logo recently underwent a transformation.

For over a decade, the little blue mouse has been my avatar, the image that identified me to the world. I love that little blue mouse!  The original blue mouse image was a gift from my husband, but Sylvester the mouse, was actually a real mouse that was a childhood gift from my brother.

Wishing to update my image and logo, but not wanting to leave behind my little mouse, I recently turned to a friend for help.  Indigo Janson was thoughtful enough to create this image of me with my original blue mouse, to use in all of my online endeavors.  I consider this new avatar a priceless gift from a very dear friend,

Indigo is a gifted 3D graphic artist, photographer, and writer who has a limitless imagination, a gracious heart, and a gentle spirit that is reflected in all of her work.

My association with her has truly been one of the greatest blessings of my life!

Thank you, my friend!


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