Latch Hook Stocking Kits

Latch Hook Stocking Kits come in a wide range of designs including the adorable puppy design shown (right). You are going to find cute, traditional, and unique designs in kits which can be completed using the latch hook technique. Handmade is always a treasure and especially when you start out with good kits and quality materials.

Easy to follow instructions make these kits a great way to make your own gifts as well as your own home décor.  You could also give the kits as is for anyone who loves to create handmade items as well.

When you use a latch hook technique you have a few options (which you should consider before you begin). These options include the kind of yarn included in the kit. Will it be durable or will it be soft and hugg-able.  The kind of yarn you use will determine the final result regarding soft, rough, durable, or delicate.  Most latch hook stocking kits will include a softer yarn with a lush appeal.


Reindeer Stocking Latch Hook Kit

Featured In Intro Above

 DEAR MODEL Latch Hook Kits with Pattern Printed DIY Christmas Stockings,DeerCheck PriceThis is a beautiful latch hook stocking design. Remarkable magical design comes with illustrated instruction guide, yarn, and color coded canvas. Plus, this kit includes the latch hook tool.

If you would like to use a backing fabric (to line the inside) you may consider the Crafty Cuts 2 Yards Felt Fabric, White Solid for the Stocking.

This is the featured design for latch hook stocking kits.  No only is it beautiful,  but when it is completed, you will have a unique, beautiful, durable, stocking.   No doubt, it will be the keepsake of the season. The lushness of the latch hook work gives any project a huggable aspect.  If nothing else it is sure to attract the hands of anyone who sees it.   Everyone will want to reach out and touch it due to the dimensional accent not normally seen in a Christmas stocking.


Latch Hook Stocking Kits

Fabulous strip “socks” design latch hook stocking kit will give you a classic design for your holiday stockings. Using the classic décor colors for the season and a detailed design, gives you the sense you have had this stocking since you were a child.  When you consider the  keepsake quality of a handmade stocking, you realize this would be a fabulous design choice for years.  Since it is a timeless style, it is sure to be a favorite to hang year after year.

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Santa Stocking Latch Hook Kit

Santa Claus is always a popular choice, especially when the design is so cute. This kit features a playful Santa in a traditional and heirloom quality design.  Colorful and whimsical as many of the Santa’s usually are.

 YYFIRE Latch Hook Kits DIY Crocheting Christmas StockingsCheck Price


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More Playful and Fun Latch Hook Stocking Kits

Some of our favorite designs include snowmen or Christmas penguins, giving us the sense Christmas is for the children and child at heart folks to enjoy.  These stocking kits are adorable designs with high quality details so your project will be completed with class.

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