How to Decoupage a Wooden Decoupage Purse

Decoupage Purse on Crafting with SylvestermouseA Real Treasure From My Past

Decoupage purses were a popular fashion trend back in the 70’s.  I was in my early teens when my grandmother painstakingly made this wooden decoupage purse for me.

I carried it with pride, not just because it was a popular fad, but because it was a gift from my beloved grandmother.

Take a walk with me in the past and I will tell you how she made this purse.  Who knows, maybe you will decide it is worth the time and the effort to bring this fad back to the height of fashion.


Decoupage Purse on Crafting with Sylvestermouse
One Side of My Wooden Decoupage Purse



Supply List

Decoupage Purse on Crafting with Sylvestermouse

  • A Box Purse
  • Hardware: Hinges and Lock
  • Handle with Hardware and Screws
  • Paint
  • Pictures
  • Varnish (Mod Podge Recommended)
  • Felt Square
  • Small Screwdriver to attach Hardware


How to Decoupage A Wooden Purse

Step 1:  Prepare wooden purse by lightly sanding

Step 2:  Paint wooden purse with acrylic paint ~ Allow to completely dry

Step 3:  Cut out pictures

Step 4:  Glue pictures on painted purse ~ Allow to completely dry

Step 5:  Varnish (Mod Podge) the entire purse exterior 3 – 5 times allowing it to completely dry between each coat of Mod Podge

Step 6:  Attach all hardware and handle

Step 7:  Glue felt pieces on the bottom of the wooden purse

Mod Podge, Wooden Purse and Additional Decoupage Ideas

Mod Podge is the best decoupage product for varnishing your craft. It is easy to use and is available in either a matte or a glossy finish. It is water based and non-toxic.

Simply apply Mod Podge with a paint or sponge brush.

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My Treasure

Decoupage Purse on Crafting with SylvestermouseThere is no doubt that my grandmother spent many hours sanding, painting, cutting out pictures, gluing, varnishing and finishing this decoupage purse for me.  I can assure you, no one ever had a more grateful recipient of such a precious gift.

I carried this purse for years.  You can see the battle scares in the photos.  I consider this purse one of my most treasured possessions and even though I have decoupaged many things over the years myself, this is still the very best.


Additional Photos to Show Other Sides of My Decoupage Purse

How to Decoupage a Wooden Purse