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felt calendar kitFelt Calendar Kits are quick and easy to embellish by stitching or gluing on sequins and beads. When you create a calendar using one of these Felt Calendar Kits you are creating a treasure which will be enjoyed all year long.  It is a creative masterpiece with a fully informational days of the year calendar for quick reference and viewing bliss.  Should you decide to give a felt calendar as a gift, the recipient will certainly know that  you gave your gift some serious thought, as well as some tender loving care in working the felt kit magic.

With so many designs to choose from, you are sure to find just the right style for yourself, plus everyone on your list.  You may also choose to purchase and give this kit still ready to create for anyone who enjoys creative work is going to have a wonderful time finishing any one of these felt calendar kits and enjoying it all year long.

Any room in the house or office would benefit from having a calendar to reference on the wall.  Not only that you also get to enjoy the beauty of the felt kit creation as well.

Most of these kits include the printed felt, sequins, beads and floss. Some even include the finials and dowels for hanging the finished calendar. Be sure to check the actual product details for exactly what is included in the individual kit that catches your eye.

 Design Works Spring Wreath Sequin Calendar Felt & Sequin KitCheck Price



Birds & Flowers 2023 Felt Calendar

 Design Works Crafts 2023 Sequin Calendar Kit, Watering CanCheck Price

Birds are truly a beloved creations for many of my own family members and friends.  They love watching entertaining little birds, as well as beautiful birds.  Everyone seems to enjoy spending time in nature listening to, and watching birds.

Plus, we love flowers. Floral design felt calendar kits are a great gift for anyone who loves gardens and fresh flowers as well as floral works of art.  This style will give any room a warm glow and will also give the recipient a great calendar they can enjoy all year.

Click on the image to see it more closely and you will agree this is a great felt calendar kit which will make a great wall hanging ‘decorative’ calendar for the whole year ahead.


Garden Felt Calendar for 2022

 Red Truck 2022 Felt CalendarCheck Price

Another garden theme with a touch of colorful flair.  This floral design calendar felt kit would make a great dining and kitchen wall hanging as well as any room that longs for a touch of the great outdoors.  It will bring the garden in and give any room a wonderful feeling of nature as well as the cool colors and ideal design and character.

The bright and cheerful colors will give any room that ‘garden paradise’ feeling.  Cheerful and  informative ( will show you the months all year long) you can be sure you will feel as if you are bringing in the outdoors all year long as well.


2023 Felt Calendar Lighthouse

 Design Works Lighthouse Shoal Sequin Calendar Felt & Sequin KitCheck Price

More than just a calendar, this design gives you a sense you have your very own lighthouse looking out over the ocean waves and a most beautiful sunrise!  You can see how easy it would be to imagine you are there anytime of the day.  Having a fabulous image like this, and having the handmade elements, as well as the calendar makes this design the showcase for the series on felt calendar kits.

No need to go any further than your own home to enjoy the beauty of a lighthouse and gorgeous pictorial setting.

If you love lighthouses, here is your chance to bring one right into your own home and enjoy it time and time again.  Every time you pass by you will get a fresh perspective and imagine yourself sitting and watching the glory of a new day.


The Church 2022 Felt Calendar

 Church in The Mist 2022 Felt CalendarCheck Price

Invite the serenity of the church and the gorgeous surrounding gardens into your home!  This picture elicits a sense of peace and comfort year round.

This felt calendar kit will give you hours of enjoyment as you gaze at the bright colorful nature and floral elements.  The creating of this kit (adding your handiwork) could be enjoyment enough.  There is nothing like using your skill to work on something as stunning as this.

Then, after it is done, you can display it for yourself to enjoy the rest of the year, or you can give it as a gift and pass on some of that enjoyment in the gazing side of the beautiful design.


Looking Ahead to 2023

Check out these eBay listings if you prefer a 2023 calendar!

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  1. Susan says:

    I think I like the flower garden calendar best. I love calendars and would be happy with a couple in every room. I’ve been saying recently that I need a project….

  2. Olivia says:

    Very pretty! I don’t know which one I like the best, but if I had one, I know I would surely enjoy it.

  3. Barbara says:

    These are gorgeous, I would absolutely LOVE one of these felt calendars, the featured calendar is my favorite, very very pretty

  4. I LOVE the lighthouse calendar. In fact, I visited my local lighthouse today!

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