Hot Glue Pots and Skillets

Melting Hot Glue for Craft or Floral Projects

Hot Glue PotsEvery serious crafter owns at least one hot glue gun, but have you seen the hot glue pots or the fabulous hot glue skillets?  Melting hot glue in the hot glue pots or the hot glue skillets makes crafting and floral arrangements so much easier!  No more fumbling with the hot glue gun risking burns and trying our patience as we struggle to hit just the right spot.

It is easy to use hot glue pots or hot glue skillets.  Simply melt the hot glue sticks or hot glue cubes in the hot glue pot or hot glue skillet and dip floral stem, fabric, pom pom, chenille stems, fabric piece, etc in the melting glue.  Viola’!   The melted hot glue exactly where you want it and your fingers and counter tops are safe.


Hot Temp Glue Pot

 Hot Temp Glue Pot With Bag of Glue Sticks Included-Just Dip & Glue-Hands-Free!Check Price

This Hot Glue Pot is awesome!  Since it is lightweight and only 4″ wide, it is very easy to pick up and carry from room to room or to even pack up the cool glue pot and carry it to an entirely different location.  It takes this Hot Glue Pot approximately 10 minutes to heat and can be left plugged in all day if needed.  The small glue stick holder pictured in the Hot Glue Pot is also included with this hot glue melting pot.

When you have finished using this Hot Glue Pot, simply unplug and allow to cool with the remaining glue in the pot.  No need to clean the pot with each use.  The remaining glue will simply reheat and melt the next time you use your Hot Glue Pot.


Hot Glue Skillet

Hot Glue Skillet


 Surebonder Electric Glue Skillet, 7-InchCheck PriceThis is a most excellent product!

The 7″ Surebonder Hot Glue Skillet is perfect for melting glue cubes or sticks and has a temperature control knob for precise heated temperature control. Since this has a roomy 7″ opening, larger objects can be easily coated with glue.

Like the smaller Hot Glue Pot above, melted glue can be allowed to cool in this skillet and left for reheating and use for your next project.  If you are using a special colored glue stick for your immediate project, simply allow the glue to cool.  The non-stick finish allows you to easily remove the remaining glue.

Surebonder has long been a trusted name!


Watch How to Use the Hot Glue Pot – How to Make an Easy Spring Wreath Video


Hot Glue Cubes or Sticks

Either of the hot glue products can be used in any of the Hot Glue Melting Units featured in this article.  The hot glue pot shown in the introduction and below, comes with a glue stick holder.  You can see it in the photo.

The cubes are pretty fast and easy, but have the limited use since they would need a pot for melting.  It is simply a matter of which style you prefer or which you have on hand.

 Surebonder B-2001 Diamond Cube High Strength Hot Melt Skillet GlueCheck Price Apple Glue Pot (Featured in the Intro)Check Price Surebonder DT-25 All Temperature Mini Glue Sticks, 4-InchCheck Price



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  1. This would be an outstanding addition to any crafters’ supply collection. I can see how handy it would be for large projects needing ready-to-use melted glue!

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