Craft Room / Bedroom Combination

craft room / bedroom comboFor many years, I have dreamed of having a dedicated craft room, but we simply did not have an extra room in the house to commandeer just for crafts.

However, many times I have thought how wasteful it was to have a guest bedroom we use a few weeks out of the year for company during the holidays or special occasions.

Each time I cleaned that room, I thought there had to be a better use of that room the other 50 weeks out of the year. Then, one day, eureka! It hit me and I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before!


Converting the Guest Bedroom Into My Craft Room

I did it! I converted that guest bedroom into my craft room without eliminating any of the furniture except the queen size box spring and mattress. Now I am thrilled to say I have a combination craft room / bedroom which I absolutely love and the room certainly gets used a lot more often.

Let me tell you what I did just in case, you too, would like to convert that guest bedroom into a craft room.


Steps to Converting a Bedroom Into a Craft Room

I removed the queen size bed and replaced it with a day bed with a trundle with mattresses (or under the bed could be used for storage space if a single bed is sufficient.)


Replaced the dresser mirror with matching shelves.


Added a Kitchen Island to Use as a Work Table and storage underneath.


I am using the original dresser and chest of drawers for additional storage.


Add organizers, jars, containers, etc. for easy storage and access on the shelves.


Added bookshelves on room entrance wall. Because they are not very deep, these shelves are perfect for the wall with the doorway.


Add a chair. I selected a swivel stool style chair to add behind my kitchen island.


My Choices When I Converted My Craft Room


 Sauder Heritage Hill 5 Shelves Bookcase in Classic Cherry FinishCheck Price ClosetMaid 829900 Fabric Drawers, Pink, 2-PackCheck Price Boraam 49824 Augusta Swivel Stool, 24-Inch, CherryCheck Price

Reasons for My Choices When I Converted My Craft Room

I chose the Sauder shelves based on experience. They are easy to put together and when finished, they look a lot more expensive than they actually are to purchase. These shelves only measure 13″ deep which is perfect for books, shelf organizers, and supplies without blocking the doorway.

I selected the Closet Maid fabric drawers to add additional storage and placed them on top of the shelves. I now store my cross stitch kits and beading kits in those drawers. They are light weight enough that that are easy to pull down off the top of the shelf. They are tall enough and wide enough to hold the standard size craft kit and they are study enough that they do not bend under the weight of the kits leaning against them. The biggest plus; I can easily flip though my kits when I am ready to make my selection.

The swivel stool I chose had to be the right height for the island. In my case, 24″ is the perfect height. Since it swivels, I can turn around, without getting up, to access supplies on my shelves and effortlessly swivel right back around to my work table. I also really love the padded seat. When I start a project, I can easily sit for several hours. Comfort is imperative!


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14 Reader Comments

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  1. Mandee says:

    What an awesome craft room! Can I borrow you? I need major help in getting my room organized so I can be productive! I am so jealous. Yours is gorgeous!

  2. BuckHawk says:

    I love your craft room. It is wonderful to have a dedicated space to work on all your craft projects. Some of us are lucky, but I still like to use the kitchen table when the grandkids want to help with something!

  3. Hamish says:

    Having a craft/hobby room is a great idea – and a better use of a spare bedroom than using it for your guest a couple of times a year.

    It’s great to have somewhere that you can leave longer term project materials and tools without having to clear them all away when you’re finished for the day.

    I really like the idea of using a kitchen island as a work table. I have a bad back and bending too low isn’t good for it. I might think about something similar myself in future.

    • You are exactly right! I used to have to spend a lot of time just preparing the work space and then clearing up after a bit of work for the day, just to repeat the process the next opportunity I had time to work. Now, I really do just leave the supplies spread out and come right back to it, ready to get to work.

      When I have 30 min. to work, all of my time goes toward actual progress on the project!

      Excellent point! Thank you for your visit and insightful comment.

  4. Indigo says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen your craft room, and it looks like a perfect place to spend your hours working on your beautiful creations. A kitchen island is a fantastic idea, not one I had thought of though I do have a craft desk. I can just picture you on your swivel stool hard at work. Handy that it can still become a bedroom when you need it to be too!

    • It is perfect for me and I will even tell you a little secret! Occasionally, I use that daybed for a nap!

      I get so busy crafting at times, that I forget to rest, until it just takes over.

  5. Hi! What a great idea to use a day bed in your room. It takes up less space and doubles as a couch or for a quick nap.

    Would you mind if I showcase your room on my blog? I’d like to show how a room can be more than a guest room that doesn’t get used much.


    • I don’t mind if you would like to use it as an example. My only requests are that you link to this article in the content of your post as the point of origin and that you do not copy the text from this site. Thank you!

  6. Favored1 says:

    Saw your link and had to come see. I used to have a guest bedroom for my crafts; miss that room. Getting projects finished is hard having to put everything away. You’re right, having a room like this allows you to put all your time into the project. I think next time I’ll use your idea and have a daybed instead of a full size one. Thanks Cynthia!
    P.S. Hope to see you round my blog as well sometime.

  7. doris says:

    Great set up, love the day bed idea. I’m in the process of doing something like this, sleepovers four times a year, and needing a sewing room. Wondering if I should use the closet with doors or just add a nice curtain to close it up, yet give some color to the room instead of white doors.

    • In my case, I left the closet doors on simply because I actually use that closet for storage. However, I think the curtains are a fantastic idea. Especially if you plan to “expand” the craft room into the closet by using it an additional work space. I also agree that it would give you some wonderful options for decorating with fabric.

  8. I use my guest room as a craft workroom/storage room as well. For the same reason you did. Always nice to be able to have a dual purpose area that is not normally in full use. 🙂

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