Craft Organizers

My Craft Organizers

I absolutely hate wasting money buying supplies that I know I already have, but simply cannot find! I also hate wasting time trying to find my craft supplies I know I already have somewhere. In my opinion, craft organizers are essential and certainly make crafting a lot more fun, since we can focus on crafts and not on searches! ArtBin 6982AB Super Satchel Deluxe Divided Lid/Divided Base, Translucent Clear

I personally own and use several different types of craft organizers simply because I enjoy several different types of crafts.

I have one organizer which is a real lifesaver that I refer to as my “tackle box”. It hold pencils, pens, paint pens, tracing paper, hole punchers, paint brushes, charms, ribbon, all kinds of crafting odds and ends that I seem to constantly need, but would otherwise lose or stash away in some safe spot that I can’t remember later.


Organizers for Needlework

For my needlework, I have a floss organizer, which I absolutely love! Ok, let me get really honest here. Over the years, I have “collected” 3 floss organizers. That happened simply because I really do like having a separate floss organizer for each project. Of course, I also have my main floss organizer box.

Having a separate project organizer allows me to grab and carry a current cross stitch project with me when I travel or simply work away from my craft room. Because I have already set up the organizer for that particular project, I know my scissors, needles, a small magnifier, floss, pattern and any additional project supplies are already gathered and waiting for me to work. Being organized like that, saves me tons of time that I might otherwise waste searching for something and allows me to use all of my time actually creating.

 Darice Floss and Needlework Organizer with 100 Paper Bobbin and Floss Winder StitchBow Mini Travel Bag with Floss Holders, Mini Binder Inserts & YT 6 Plastic Hoop


Organizers for Beads, Marbles, Rocks, etc.
 Barbaar 5 Layer Stackable Round Plastic Containers Bead Storage Jar for Small Jewelry ,Beads, Buttons and Crafts(Clear)
I also have a huge assortment of beads in various shapes and sizes, for various purposes. When I am designing my own beaded project, I need to be able to see exactly what I have at a glance, therefore my personal favorite bead organization system is the stackable acrylic containers.

I own quite of few of these acrylic containers in varying sizes in order to accommodate my vast range of beads. I also have a larger set for decorative rocks and marbles which I use in floral arrangements.

Something that may not be obvious by just looking at the picture, is that the bottom of each separate container is threaded so it can serve as the lid to another container, thereby making a group of multiple separate containers, a combined unit of one. If the unit turns over, the containers don’t separate and scatter to the far reaches of the room.


My Craft Tote Bag

 Coopay Craft Bag for Yarn Crochet Knitting Cross Stitch Project & SuppliesMy ever present craft tote bags are almost a standing joke in our home. I don’t carry a purse, but I do carry my craft tote bag! I guess that might show where my heart is. If we are going on vacation for a week, the first bag in the car, placed at my feet (since I am the passenger) is my trusty tote bag companion.

My very first tote bag for crafts was one my mother made for me when I first started knitting. I think I was about 12 yrs. old. I still have that bag and I still use that bag, although, it is not the bag I take on vacations. It is a little too big to carry around, even for a craft enthusiast like myself. Plus, I would risk damaging such a precious gift.

This tote bag is perfect for a road trip, or just about anything. The pockets on the outside allow me to quickly stow my supplies when we stop for dinner or a rest stop. The zipper pockets allow me to store smaller items like scissors, crochet hooks or my magnifier.