Beaded Easter Eggs Tutorial

How to Make a Beaded Easter EggBecause I enjoy hiding a few special Easter eggs for our family Easter egg hunt, several years ago I started creating our own collectible beaded Easter eggs.

Since they are my own designs and creations, no two are exactly alike. Frankly, when I first started making our beaded Easter eggs, I used what I had on hand at the time. Now, when I am ready to make our annual specialty Easter eggs, I actually purchase specific beads based on my latest idea or design.



I personally enjoy the creative side of making my own designs. However, it can be a bit intimidating at first, so for beginners, I do recommend selecting a very easy cross stitch pattern and using it as a guide for your own designer Easter eggs.

I also recommend using larger beads on your first project. That will allow you to finish your first beaded Easter egg a lot faster and give you time to get the feel of how to make them before you take on the smaller bead challenge.

Before you know it, you too will start creating beautiful Easter eggs without a pattern!


Beaded Easter Egg


Everyone loves a great Easter egg hunt and my family members certainly enjoy the thrill of finding the special beaded Easter eggs! They really are like little treasure hunts.

Each year we meticulously hide the Easter eggs, then stand back and watch the hunt. Because I never want anyone to walk away distressed over not finding that special egg, I always make one for everyone, I just don’t hide them all. That way, our bravest hunter doesn’t walk away with all of the specialty beaded Easter eggs for the day. They just get the thrill of “finding” their treasure.


I originally published my Beaded Easter Egg Tutorial a few years ago. Since it is an exclusive tutorial and article, I won’t be redundant by sharing the actual step by step tutorial on this site. However, I do invite you to visit the original article.

You will find my Step by Step Tutorial here: How to Make Beaded Easter Eggs